Saturday, 4 February 2017

Healthy Journey - Losing weight 10 kgs in two months!


How's everyone doing when I was away from blogging in a year? Is everyone fine? Oh and I just checked my mail, I got tons of mail asking me about Inha Summer School. I am sorry that I no longer replying email related to summer school. Because everyone keep asking almost the same question and they are mostly written on the post, cries. But no worries, maybe later I will open a way to let you guys ask me easily.

I didn't keep my promise on make this blog alive again. I have such a motivation but kinda hard to keep it. Sobs eternally. But, I am here to share something with you guys. So lately I am on lose weight program. And I am still in! Guess how much I've lost? It's around 10kgs within 2 months. Surprise? Hee

 Do you wonder how I do that? That's just because a consistent diet and work out. There was something that make me losing weights easily too, like stressed out, sick. But it didn't make me stop working out and eating diet. Yes It was such an extreme diet like, I only eat once a day with fruit or veggies only. But when I feel like I want to cheat, I do. Like on Saturday? I can eat noodle or bread. It was unhealthy I know, but It is not always like that. hehe

I have goal to losing more and more kgs until June, I don't think that will easy because I will travel next week. So please wish me luck everyone? Oh for another make up look, some makeup reviews, I don't think I would be able to do that for now. If I get enough material, time, and mood (for editing plus writing) I will definitely here.

I will make a travel diary later. Since I will go to Korea, maybe it will talk about what I do, where I go, What I experienced, How I blabla hehe Sooooo, Please read it :-P 


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